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All Aisles > Dairy


Milk Gallons/Half Gallons
Fat Free/Skim Milk
Low Fat 1% Milk
Reduced Fat 2% Milk
Whole/Vitamin D Milk

Milk Flavored/Single Serve
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Single Serve
Plain Milk Single Serve
Vanilla Milk Single Serve

Milk Specialty
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Flax Milk
Goat Milk
Lactose-Free Milk
Organic Milk
Rice Milk
Soy Milk

Cream/Coffee Cream
Creamer Liquid, Original
Creamer Liquid, Half & Half
Creamer Liquid, Hazelnut
Creamer Liquid, French Vanilla
Creamer Liquid, Other Flavors
Creamer Powdered, Jugs
Creamer Powdered, Packets
Heavy/Whipping Cream
Whipped Cream
Whipped Topping

Cottage Cheese/Sour Cream
Cottage Cheese Classic
Cottage Cheese Lowfat
Cottage Cheese Fat Free
Ricotta Cheese
Sour Cream Classic
Sour Cream Light

Eggs Classic White
Eggs Specialty Brown
Liquid Egg Substitute
Liquid Egg Whites

Butter/Cream Cheese
Butter Sticks
Cream Cheese Blocks
Cream Cheese Small Tubs
Cream Cheese Large Tubs
Margarine Sticks
Margarine Small Tubs
Margarine Large Tubs

Yogurt Tubs
Dannon Tubs
Greek Yogurt Tubs
Stonyfield Tubs
Yoplait Tubs

Yogurt Greek
Activia Greek
Chobani Greek
Dannon Light & Fit Greek
Dannon Oikos Greek
Friendly Farms Greek
Yoplait Greek

Yogurt Classic
Great Value Original
Great Value Light
Stonyfield Farms
Trix Yogurt
Yoplait Original
Yoplait Light

Cheese Crumbles
Blue Cheese
Feta Cheese
Gorgonzola Cheese

Cheese Snacks
Cheese Cubes
Cheese Curds
Snack Cheese
String Cheese Regular
String Cheese Light

Cheese Blocks Classic
Cheddar Mild Blocks
Cheddar Sharp Blocks
Colby/Marble Jack Blocks
Monterey/Pepper Jack
Mozzarella Balls/Blocks
Muenster Blocks
Swiss Cheese Blocks

Cheese Blocks Specialty
Brie Cheese
Goat Cheese
Gouda Cheese
Havarti Cheese
Hot Pepper Cheese
Queso Fresco
Salami/Bacon Cheese

Cheese Slices
Cheddar Slices
Colby/Jack Slices
Mozzarella Slices
Muenster Slices
Pepper Jack Slices
Provolone Slices
Swiss Cheese Slices

Cheese Shredded
Cheddar Mild, Shredded
Cheddar Mild, Finely Shredded
Cheddar Sharp, Shredded
Colby Jack, Shredded
Colby Jack, Finely Shredded
Italian Style, Shredded
Mexican Style, Shredded
Mozzarella, Shredded
Parmesan/Romano, Shredded
Parmesan/Romano, Grated
Pizza Style, Shredded
Taco Style, Shredded

Cheese Spreads
Cheese Sauce/Dip
Easy Cheese
Laughing Cow

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