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All Aisles > Beverages


Coffee, Ground
Dunkin' Donuts
Fair Trade/Organic
Folgers Gourmet
Great Value
Hills Bros.
Maxwell House

Keurig K-Cups
K-Cups, Light Roast Coffee
K-Cups, Medium Roast Coffee
K-Cups, Dark Roast Coffee
K-Cups, Decaf Coffee
K-Cups, Flavored Coffee
K-Cups, Hot Tea
K-Cups, Hot Cocoa
K-Cups, Iced Tea/Coffee
K-Cups, Soup

Coffee, Whole Bean
Dunkin' Donuts
Eight O' Clock
Fair Trade/Organic
Velvet Hammer

Coffee, Instant/Creamers
Coffee Filters
Creamer Liquid, Original
Creamer Liquid, Hazelnut
Creamer Liquid, French Vanilla
Creamer Liquid, Other Flavors
Creamer Powdered, Jugs
Creamer Powdered, Packets
Flavored Syrup
Instant Cappuccino
Instant Coffee Classic
Instant Coffee Specialty

Hot Tea
Bigelow, Black Tea
Bigelow, Green Tea
Bigelow, Herbal Tea
Celestial Seasonings, Herbal
Celestial Seasonings, Wellness
Good Earth Tea
Lipton, Black Tea
Lipton, Green Tea
Stash Tea
Tazo Tea
Twinings Tea
Yogi Tea

Hot Cocoa/Other
Apple Cider
Chai Tea Mix
Hot Cocoa

Acai Juice
Apple Juice, 1/2 Gal
Apple Juice, Single Serve
Cranberry Juice
Fruit Punch
Grape Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Mixed Berry
Orange Juice, 1/2 Gal no pulp
Orange Juice, 1/2 Gal with pulp
Orange Juice, Gallons
Orange Juice, Single Serve
Prune Juice
Strawberry Banana
Tomato Juice
Tropical Blends
Tropical Juices
V8 V-Fusion, Single Serve
V8 Vegetable Juice
V8 Vegetable Juice, Single Serve

Juice Drinks
Capri Sun, Classic
Capri Sun, Roarin Waters
Capri Sun, 100% Juice
Cran Cocktail, Jugs
Cran Cocktail, Single Serve
Fruit Punch, Gallons
Fruit Punch, Single Serve
Kool-Aid Jammers
Sparkling Juice
Splash Blends
Sunny D

Iced Tea/Lemonade
Iced Tea, Bottles
Iced Tea, Cans
Iced Tea, Gallons
Lemonade, 1/2 Gal
Lemonade, Cans

Sports Drinks
G2 Low Calorie, Multi-Packs
G2 Low Calorie, Single Bottles
Gatorade, Multi-Packs
Gatorade, Single Bottles
Gatorade, Powder
Powerade, Multi-Packs
Powerade, Single Bottles

Energy Drinks
Energy Drinks, Regular
Energy Drinks, Sugar-Free
Energy Shots

Drink Mixes
Crystal Light Mix
Crystal Light Mix Singles
Hawaiian Punch Singles
Iced Tea, Sweetened
Iced Tea, Diet/Unsweetened
Kool-Aid Mix
Kool-Aid Mix Singles
Lemonade Mix
Mio Liquid Enhancer
Propel Singles

Non-Alcoholic Mixers
Bloody Mary Mix
Club Soda/Seltzer
Margarita/Daiquiri Mix
Other Mixers
Sweet & Sour Mix
Tomato Juice
Tonic Water

Soda Pop Cans
Diet Soda, 12 packs
Diet Soda, 24+ packs
Diet Soda, small cans
Regular Soda, 12 packs
Regular Soda, 24+ packs
Regular Soda, small cans

Soda Pop Bottles
Diet Soda, 2 liters
Diet Soda, bottles
Regular Soda, 2 liters
Regular Soda, bottles

Bottled Water, 12 packs
Bottled Water, 24+ packs
Bottled Water, Half Pints
Culligan/Water Cooler
Distilled Water
Smart Water
Spring Water

Water Sparkling/Flavored
Club Soda/Seltzer
Coconut Water
Propel Zero
Sparkling Water, cans
Sparkling Water, large bottles
Sparkling Water, multi-packs
Tonic Water

Nutritional Drinks
Atkins Shakes
Boost Nutrition Shakes
Boost Protein Shakes
Ensure Nutrition Shakes
Ensure Plus Shakes
Glucerna Shakes
Muscle Milk Shakes
Protein Powder
Slim-Fast Shakes
Special K Shakes

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